Sick:                             ***In hospital                                                                  

Jim Esterline
Kimberly Collette
Montine Drupiewski-Linda Lawrence’s aunt
Debbie Boyter
Luther Sizemore-Herb & Azile Dickson’s son-in-law (cancer)
Joyce Wall—Curtis Burnett’s mother
Azile Dickson
Cathy P. Holland
Tom Williams
Chip Truax
Carla Varner
Royce Teague
Mickey Sisk
Mary Bliumfledas
Betty Babb-Becky Bevill’s mother (White Oak Manor)
Kay Melba
Tom Boiter
Wayne Cox
Nancy Phelps
Thomas Quarles-Glenda Brady's brother
Larry Turner-Michael's brother
Carole Garrison
Charles Winkler
Tim Clark
Barbara Smith
Earline Burnett
Jim West
Cathy Wilkinson
Chris Courtney
Gerald Kenneth Petty
Maurice Hall
Leslie Justice
Bob Walls
Mendel Hawkins
Judy Whiteneck
Donna Kind
Katie Darby
Cheryl Truax
Tom Lomax
Ab Dickson
Callie Williams
Gary Burnett
David Herndon
Danny Greer
Meagan Clifford
Herb Dickson
Brenda Chumley
Jerry Lindsey-Cathy Foster's brother
Kady Floyd
Wayne Spencer
Crystal Chapman
Ollie Walker
Jane Boiter
Vickie Durham
Melba Banton


 Beth Green and her family in the death of her grandmother, Mrs. Whitmire

Alton Gilbert and his family in the death of his nephew, Jay Lawter


Travis Sullens in Nebraska
David Farris in Germany
Clay Farris
Scott Melba in SC
Christopher Bretz in NC
Caleb Sprouse in Washington State
Jessie Calvert in England
Wes Foreman in Afghanistan